Renovation can be an elaborate undertaking. There are numerous components to take into account, from new vanity and light fixtures to installing a shower or tub.

Add luxurious flair to your bathroom by using bold natural materials and artisanal accents for a boho aesthetic, while built-in cabinets or double vanities may help maximize storage space.

1. Two-Toned Walls

Wall painting with this style can transform the appearance of any bathroom and help give the illusion of more space, creating the sense of an expanded room.

Paint treatment such as this involves layering two or more colors – typically darker on the bottom and lighter on the top – with one another connected by an intermediate hue. This style can create an eye-catching focal point in any room or extend ceiling height by visually expanding.

To determine where to begin the dividing line, start with your picture molding or another feature in the room as a guide and use a level to ensure its straightness. A dividing line may be placed anywhere within an appropriate range from ceiling and floor height – however it should typically fall halfway between them.

2. Angled Ceiling

If your bathroom features a slanted ceiling, add texture to the room by covering it in wood to create a warm and welcoming ambience. Wood can also serve as a showcase of beautiful wooden features like teak casework or maple ceilings that make your space truly unique.

Paint can add personality and style to any bathroom space with ease. Lighter hues make small spaces seem bigger while darker tones create an air of luxury and opulence. When remodeling medium-sized bathrooms, monochromatic colors can create the ideal minimalist atmosphere.

Add flair and personality to any bathroom by upgrading its sink faucets, drawer knobs and handles. Select handles that complement your decor or coordinate with gold accents – perhaps herringbone or mosaic tiles would look nice as floor finishes!

3. Mirrored Walls

Mirrors come in all sizes, making selecting one for a bathroom remodel entirely dependent on design style. Round or oval mirrors soften a space and pair nicely with pedestal sinks; for a modern touch this homeowner went for thin black frame mirror with added depth by attaching another long horizontal one in front.

Small bathrooms that cannot accommodate full walls of mirrors may benefit from suspending one with a cable system; this solution works especially well in minimalist bathrooms.

Wainscot is an easy and cost-effective solution to cover up any imperfections on your walls, including any dings and dents that occur over time. Choose a prefabricated textured covering that complements the theme you have in mind for your bathroom, adding color without breaking the bank – just be sure that any colors selected remain light enough so as to maintain airiness in the space.

4. Lighter Colors

Color can transform the mood and atmosphere in your bathroom, as well as making small spaces appear larger. Lighter hues reflect more light around a room – ideal choices for smaller bathrooms. If you are interested in bathroom renovation for your own home, I suggest that you give a try to check the link to start now!

Dark shades can add drama and sophistication to bathrooms when used sparingly. If you do opt for dark hues in your bathroom paint job, add white trim as an accent color to brighten it up and balance its depths.

Light gray can make for an elegant bathroom palette when combined with luxe granite or marble countertops, and jet-black charcoal offers an eye-catching alternative for moodier settings.

Dark green hues make an eye-catching statement in bathrooms, pairing perfectly with natural wood accents and white walls. To add contrast, use wainscoting or shiplap. Or try textured wallpaper.

5. Unusual Fixtures

One of the key points when remodeling a bathroom is remembering it’s a space where you can make an impactful statement through bold fixtures – from textures on floors and vanities, to wall tiles with patterns or vibrant hues.

Marble countertops are a classic choice for bathrooms, yet their expense makes them prohibitive for some budgets. There are other natural materials that create similar looks at a lower cost.

Decor blogger Kerra Michele shared an inventive way to upgrade a rental’s old wood floor into something luxurious with pre-cut vinyl floor cloths starting at $50. Also adding unexpected pops of color is another quick and cost-effective way of adding flair and interest in any bathroom space.

6. Fancy Hotels

An impressive bathroom is an opportunity for expression. Create an unforgettable space by installing an eye-catching tub or shower that makes guests feel as if they are staying at a high-end hotel room.

Furniture in your bathroom can add some creativity to the space, such as adding a chair or bench near your vanity for seating while you get ready in the morning.

Gorgeous wood can make an excellent statement in a bathroom, particularly if it is made of water-resistant material that will remain aesthetically pleasing even after being exposed to splashes, dampness, and humidity. Tim_scrbg’s attic bathroom showcases gorgeous angled wood panels which combine aesthetic appeal and functionality; their slanted window also helps make the space seem larger.

7. Large Windows

Your bathroom design might benefit from having large windows, which may either add natural light while blocking UV rays or create an unwanted glare, says Newhart. Window treatments offer the ideal solution: natural lighting is increased while blocking harmful UV rays are blocked off by these window coverings, Newhart advises.

Patterned ceilings can add character and visual interest to any bathroom space. They could either match the color of your walls or add an intriguing pop of interest – some patterns have whimsical charm that is pleasing to the eye!

Wood paneling is an appealing choice for bathrooms. Easy to install and available in various colors, wood can add warmth and beauty to your renovation plan while remaining moisture-resistant – but be wary if using wet spaces as humidity-resistant panels may warp under wet conditions.

8. Skylights

Skylights can be an effective way to bring natural light into a small bathroom, such as this design firm Studio Shamshiri bathroom featuring a tubular sun tunnel skylight that illuminates from above without intruding on privacy via windows. Furthermore, this tubular skylight makes the space feel larger while creating a stunning ambience alongside stone and bronze vanity and plaster finish walls – two features which together help set an idyllic scene for an enjoyable bathroom experience.

If your ceiling doesn’t allow for skylight installation, add graphic elements like patterned floor tile or wallpaper as they are easily modified, take up minimal square footage, and give your bathroom its own distinct flair. For a truly luxurious upgrade add a skylight corridor allowing breathtaking outdoor views for added pleasure!

9. Gold Walls

Gold paint colors add elegance and warmth to any bathroom space, yet it can be tricky finding one that satisfies your tastes. To find your ideal color shade, test out different hues on your walls during different times of the day or in natural lighting to determine which best complement your room.

Add depth and dimension to your gold walls by pairing them with blue accents – an age-old way of creating a relaxing and visually appealing space. Try going for deep navy blue hues for even greater effect.

One easy way to transform your bathroom is by replacing the hardware on cabinets and drawers. Just this small change can completely transform it. Extra Space Storage offers convenient locations across the country where you can store furniture during a remodel project.

10. Connecting Your Bathroom to Your Bedroom

If you want your new ensuite to feel like an extension of your bedroom, try connecting both rooms seamlessly using doors, cabinets or wall paint colors as ways of linking them.

One way to unify your ensuite and bedroom is by matching materials in both rooms, for example if your bedroom features carpet you could match it up with tiles in your bathroom, or choose flooring types such as luxury vinyl tile that work in both spaces.

Subtle ways of connecting two rooms include using similar colors. Also consider adding natural elements, like wood cabinetry or maple ceilings, into your bathroom space – they add warmth and organic charm that are sure to impress guests!