Quality kitchen faucets are essential components in any well-appointed kitchen, being both user-friendly and long-lasting.

Pillar taps with lever handles are an iconic choice for country kitchens and feature a rotating spout that covers an impressive 360 degrees.

For those aiming to reduce their carbon footprint, there are various taps with filtered water capabilities that offer hot and chilled water options as well.


A kitchen tap is a high-use item and should be constructed well to withstand wear-and-tear. A quality model should be easy to install and use with wet hands, offering temperature and flow regulation as well as stylish finishes to complement various themes in the kitchen. In addition, quality models may include features like aerators that help reduce water use.

There is a wide selection of kitchen taps in Perth available, so when selecting the ideal model it is essential to take your home’s style, cooking, cleaning and washing habits and lifestyle into consideration. A high tap spout may be difficult for handwashing basins but might work better when rinsing larger pots and pans.

One important aspect when purchasing a tap is its handle type, especially for older people and families with young children. Lever taps may be easier and safer for small fingers than twist taps to use; boiling-water taps have become popular options in modern kitchens as they eliminate the need to boil a kettle beforehand.

Chrome and stainless steel tap finishes are among the most sought-after choices, making a statement in any kitchen environment and pair perfectly with composite work surfaces or sinks. For a subtler touch, consider tapping with warmer metals such as brass and copper for traditional or rustic kitchen settings; plus they require less upkeep than shiny chrome models!


Quality taps should be constructed from sturdy materials that can withstand frequent use and exposure to water, while remaining easy to maintain and clean. Furthermore, their design should consider water conservation so as to allow users to manage hot and cold water flows without impacting functionality.

Kitchen taps from JMT Trade come in various styles and finishes. Chrome faucets boast a glossy surface while brushed stainless steel options feature duller tones; both types can easily complement most kitchen designs or themes. Warm metals like brass or copper come in both polished or brushed styles; additionally black taps have become increasingly popular as an eye-catching touch in both contemporary and industrial kitchens.

Other features to keep in mind when choosing a new tap include size and height of spout as well as type of handles. Lever taps tend to be easier for elderly or disabled users than twist taps; similarly swivel taps provide greater flexibility. Furthermore, filter taps offer the ideal way to improve taste and smell of tap water, coming in various styles to accommodate different preferences.

Check your home’s water pressure to make sure the faucet you choose will work smoothly with its plumbing system. A low-pressure system may have compatibility issues with certain taps while high-pressure systems might need different styles to function properly.


Style should always be taken into consideration when selecting kitchen taps. From classic chrome or brushed stainless steel finishes, to colourful options such as coloured taps, it is worth researching different designs before making a final selection. Thankfully there is an array of kitchen taps in Perth available that suit different styles ranging from contemporary to traditional designs.

Consider what type of faucet best meets your needs; mixer taps are often chosen, as they supply hot and cold water through one spout, making for convenient usage in smaller sinks. High spout taps may also be available that can improve taste and clarity for improved drinking experiences. Filtered models even exist to enhance tap water for even further drinking pleasure!

One alternative would be a single lever tap, which provides both flow and temperature controls with just one handle. These have become increasingly popular among modern kitchens as they save both time and energy by eliminating the need to switch between hot and cold water sources. Keen chefs will appreciate these types of taps in Perth!

Installed directly into the worktop for a sleek and minimalist appearance are various taps with pull-out rinsing sprays to make short work of washing large pots and pans; or try installing a boiling-water tap which makes sterilising baby bottles and pacifiers quicker and simpler – perfect for new parents!


The tap is an integral component of any kitchen. Not only is it an aesthetic element that must blend in seamlessly with sink and hardware, but it must also meet practical requirements of your lifestyle – be that professional chef or busy mum; finding one with all of its functionality will make life simpler for both.

To choose a kitchen tap that matches your style and size needs, key factors include style, size and water pressure. Before beginning your search for the ideal faucet for your kitchen it’s important to understand which water system you have as this can significantly limit your options. There are different kinds of tap available such as monoblocs (with one lever controlling both flow and temperature of water) deck mixers (two separate hot and cold taps attached together with a single spout), traditional and monobloc versions. Deck mixers offer multiple spout versions whereas traditional versions boast long curved spouts found both high and low versions.

As handles can have an enormous effect on the look and feel of taps, their selection is also essential. Lever handles provide easy operation for busy families while crosshead handles offer classic flair.

Chrome stainless steel taps are widely preferred and offer great durability; however, other finishes such as brushed steel and colorful taps can add a dramatic flair to your kitchen.


If you’re renovating your kitchen or simply purchasing new taps, it’s essential that they complement the overall style you envision for it. In addition, consider the size and location of your sink as these may also affect which style to select; ensure it can easily reach all corners of the bowl for easy operation and reach every part of the bowl easily.

Modern kitchen taps feature numerous functions to make cooking and cleaning simpler, such as pull out hoses that let you direct the flow of water where it is most needed – this feature can come in very handy when rinsing vegetables, filling pots or reaching hard-to-reach corners of your sink.

Taps come in various styles, finishes and colours to complement your decor. Black taps are currently trending for adding drama and contrast in modern or industrial kitchen designs while matte brass or copper finishes can bring more traditional elements into classic or country kitchen settings.

Taps that provide boiling water are another convenient and efficient option, freeing up valuable workspace while eliminating the need for kettles. Simply turn on this type of tap, and it’s ready in seconds!