The benefits of obtaining education have significantly increased over time. The sad part is, there are still many children across the different countries that aren’t receiving the proper education that should provide them the right skills to thrive in the modern economy.

AMCANHS seeks to inspire people, particularly parents and guardians, to be the voices towards the improvement of the country’s educational system. We wanted to build a network of advocates who desire to make a difference, call out errors and lapses, and speak up to rally the essential reforms in the public schools’ education and learning strategies. Here, you will find blog posts, videos, and interactions from education advocates who delve for the betterment of education and putting the needs of the children above all.

We believe that giving every child a better shot at their future starts with providing great and quality education. No matter the race, income, or ability, every child deserves quality public schools and an educational system that will prepare them for a successful tomorrow and help build their career.

A strong education system serves as the backbone that sets the path for a young child’s future. Data shows that those who were not able to graduate from high school have lower income and are less likely to have jobs compared to their peers who are much more educated. There is also a dramatic correlation when it comes to rates of incarceration that involves those who were not privileged to attain a good education.

Access to quality and improved education not only benefits the individual but the society as a whole. We hope to lay out better education to our youth of today who are the hope of our nation’s tomorrow. And, the only way to ensure this is to tackle the pressing issues that our schools, educators, and learning system are facing today.