Whipped Cream Chargers are mechanical devices that help whipped cream to whip smoothly. It is like a combination of a can opener and a can dispenser. The key feature in these products is the electric supply of the whipped cream which is powered by an electric motor.

The charger supplies power directly to the motor which increases the speed of whipping. Whipped cream chargers are in many ways mechanical like a can opener, but the main difference is that the lid of the can is recyclable and the motor inside is not recyclable.

Whippet dispensers, also called iced strawberries, whippets or hippie chargers, is an electric cartridge filled with hydrogen peroxide (HO) gas that is used in the making of whipped cream.

In Whippet can dispensers, the nitrous oxide gas provided from the nitrous cartridges helps to convert the whipped cream into a clear and frothy state upon dispensing. This is the reason why this device is also commonly called “icing strawberries”.

A good quality Whipper cream charger produces a whipping speed of about 35lbs per hour. There are two types of chargers available in the market, one being a high-quality manual cranked whip charger and the other being motorized electric whippers which are much easier to handle.

It is advised that buyers go for manual chargers as these are much safer and produce high-quality performance. High-quality manual chargers have thermal cut-off switches and circuit breakers that prevent the overflow of the gas inside the battery.

An eight-pound can of cream lasts for approximately five to six minutes before it is ready for collection. The dispenser attached to the bottle can be opened manually to release the contents of the bottle through a tube.

However, it has been observed that dispensers fitted with the thermal cut-off switch do not release the whipping cream immediately and this is often the reason behind many a leak and wastage of a perfectly good bottle.

Therefore, it is recommended that one should always buy a can of Whipped Cream from a reputable store or brand so that all possible problems regarding the bottle can be prevented. It has also been noticed that many Whipper cream chargers do not work on plastic bottles.

This is because plastic does not allow sufficient room for the vapors to dissipate. In such cases, the user might have to use another can of Whipped Cream. Users who prefer to use can dispensers fitted with thermal cut-off switches can use those that have built-in safety and thermal cut-off switches for safety reasons.

In fact, many experts suggest that you should never use canister-type whipped cream dispensers on metal bottles because it might increase the rate at which the cream dries up. Using canister-type whipped cream dispensers on metal bottles might also affect the taste of the cream.

Therefore, in case you wish to use Whipper Cane or Whipper Cream Chargers, you should ensure that it is used on stainless steel or Teflon coated dishes. If you choose to use dishwasher-safe canisters, ensure that you rinse them completely after usage and store it away properly.

Most canisters designed for use with Whipper Cane or Whipper Cream Chargers come with different-sized holes. Some of them are equipped with an adjustable air release valve which enables the user to change the amount of airflow inside the canister.

This feature enables the user to adjust the level of whipped cream according to the thickness of his or her choice. Therefore, one can make whipped cream at different thicknesses by simply changing the canister size. You can purchase Whipper Cane and Whipper Cream Chargers online directly from a variety of suppliers.

Some of them even have discounts and free shipping options available. There are several canister-style dispensers available on the market today. Moreover, the Internet is also a good source of buying these dispensers. Make sure that the model you select is FDA approved and is made by a reputable company.