As a general rule, astrological opposites have more in common than the name suggests. Take Taurus and Scorpio, for example.

They’re both driven by success and achievement, but they approach it differently.

Virgos are the go-to researchers and stand-out organizers of the zodiac, while Scorpios prefer to keep their cards close to the chest.


While they might seem like the opposite of each other, Aries and Taurus have an interesting dynamic in the bedroom. The fire signs have opposing desires and tempers, but if they learn to communicate their needs successfully, they can find ways around the conflict. For example, if Aries respects Taurus’ need for emotional connection and indulges in extensive foreplay and cuddling after sex, they can please their partner’s libido and improve sexual compatibility.

Similarly, Taurus is attracted to Aries’ boldness and sense of adventure. The Bull also admires the Ram’s tenacity and trailblazing spirit. However, they might get annoyed by Aries’ impulsiveness and short fuse, which can lead to arguments.


Like their celestial animal representation, Taureans aren’t scared of hard work and will pound away at tasks with precision and diligence until they’ve achieved their goal. As an earth sign ruled by Venus, they’re also devoted to their friends and will stay by your side for the long haul.

They’re dependable and loyal, and will take their time to vet potential new friends. These Bulls will only let people in if they’ve proven themselves and are as steady as their signature strength. They don’t tend to throw temper tantrums, but their anger can build up on a low simmer and boil over suddenly. This can damage relationships. They’re also stubborn as hell. This can manifest as laziness or an inability to change their minds. They need to be in control. Their inner bull is ready to charge.


Geminis, represented by a pair of twins, are curious about everything and everyone. These quick-witted social butterflies are always juggling several passions, projects, and friend groups at once.

Gemini’s mutable energy makes them naturally changeable, and this could be challenging in a relationship. Geminis might get sidetracked by digressions or find it difficult to commit to a relationship, especially when they’re square (the most challenging angle that can exist between two signs) with detail-oriented earth sign Virgo and empathic water sign Pisces. If a gemini man jealous is one of your potential partners, learn about their dynamics in the link attached.

On the other hand, Cancer’s intuitive affinity with Gemini makes them perfect partners for a stimulating intellectual adventure. As long as both sides can trust each other and communicate openly, this is a match made in heaven. This dynamic has been showcased in many famous duos in the past. The chemistry between these two signs is undeniable.


Cancers are ruled by the Moon, and their tender heart seeks deep emotional connection in intimate moments. They are loyal and dependable friends and family members who value home and family. Leos are ruled by the Sun, and they’re natural leaders who can inspire others with their confidence and determination.

While opposites do attract, it’s important for Cancers and Leos to recognize their differences. For example, Leos often prefer to socialize at bars and concerts with their friends, while Cancers prefer to stay home and curl up with a book on weekends. This difference can cause friction if not addressed effectively. A good way to balance this dynamic is through shared activities that bring out the best in both signs. This will also allow them to build a stronger bond based on mutual respect and understanding.


As fire signs, Leos crave loyalty and commitment from those they love. They also value bravery, clarity and someone’s inner strength. However, their dramatic nature can easily go into overdrive and they can be prone to hotheaded blow-ups and constant conflict.

They’re typically compatible with fellow fire signs like Aries and Sagittarius, as well as mutable air sign Gemini and cardinal earth sign Libra. They’re also a natural match with fellow lions Cancer and Scorpio. They might struggle with signs that are fixed in their ways, such as Taurus and stubborn Capricorn. This could be due to a clash of egos or the inability to compromise on their views and beliefs. However, if they learn to honor their partner’s mode of self-expression, they can enjoy their romance immensely.


The sign of the virgin, Virgos are naturally nurturing partners. They’re known for their ability to cultivate environments that feel safe, intentional, and peaceful. Their perfectionist tendencies and high functioning anxiety can make them prone to overanalyzing situations, especially if they’re not careful.

Ruled by Mercury, Virgos are smart and intensely curious. They love uncovering the “why” and often put the needs of others before their own. Their best bet for romance is someone who can help them calm down and keep their neurotic self in check, preferably someone who’s a fellow earth sign like pragmatist Taurus or steadfast Capricorn. They’re also compatible with other signs that are ruled by the elements of water and air. Virgos love a good compromise.


The sign of love and partnership, Libra seeks balance in everything. They’re often characterized as indecisive, but they’re actually just weighing their options.

Unlike the more impulsive fire signs, Libra can be a take-charge initiator. They’re also a social butterfly who loves connecting with others.

This air sign forms a trine with the sensual, intuitive water sign Cancer. They both value relationships, and Cancer helps balance Libra’s need for freedom. But this duo can get bogged down in emotional ties that aren’t always reciprocal. This is why their astrology chart can reveal some intense jealousy and possessiveness. If the relationship ends, it’s usually for a good reason. They’re both ruled by Venus, which makes them passionate about beauty and harmony. They also want to make sure their partnerships are fair. That’s why this mutable sign is represented by the scales of justice.


Scorpios are intense, and they’re ruled by two of the most transformational planets in astrology. As a water sign, they value loyalty and emotional depth. But they can also get hurt easily, and their sensitive energy often makes it difficult to express their feelings to others.

Whether you’re a Scorpio or not, it’s important to understand this complex sign. Montufar explains that the energy of Scorpio is “much more complex and deep than most people realize.” But she says that Scorpios can have some of the most transformative experiences of all the signs.

Sagittarius is a fire sign ruled by the planet Jupiter, which gives these go-getters jammy, philosophical energy. They tend to be witty and three steps ahead of most people, but they can also be impulsive and sometimes act without thinking.

They have a natural exuberance that makes them popular among friends, and they enjoy creating a wide circle of social contacts. They speak their mind (without running it through a filter of diplomacy) on matters that matter to them, including their life philosophies and political views.

The mutable energy of Sag means that they are willing to listen and learn. This can help them see the big picture, but it could also make them a little snobby to those less well-educated or more conservative than they are. Their bluntness can irritate Cancer, and they may clash with Virgo over their different approaches to work and life.


Capricorn is driven by a sense of responsibility and a desire to achieve long-term goals. They are ruled by Saturn, the planet of discipline, structure, hard work, practical lessons and a relentless focus on achievement.

Typical career-oriented Capricorns will often put their ambitions above family and friends, so it’s important for them to find that elusive work-life balance. They have a serious outlook on life and have a lot of patience — but they will have zero tolerance for anyone making fun of them.

Libra women are a good match for these go-getters, as they can be the perfect complement to their strong work ethic. However, it’s essential that both signs communicate their feelings clearly and directly to avoid issues around power and control. This pairing can benefit from working with a professional astrologer to nurture their relationship.