Basic first aid training saves lives, especially in medical emergencies. When access to urgent medical care isn’t possible, having knowledge of basic life-saving and CPR techniques can spell all the difference between life and death. Whether somebody is drowning, having a heart attack or choking, a good grasp of the proper steps to be taken to ensure that the situation doesn’t make a turn for the worse is important.

Here are some of the reasons enrolling in CPR and first aid class is very important:

Save lives.

This is probably the top reason why you should take these classes. Statistics show that each year, about 400,000 people die due to cardiac arrest. In cases like these, performing basic CPR may help ensure that the brain function of the individual is preserved during the arrest. This is crucial in increasing the chances of them surviving as performing CPR can help keep the blood flowing the entire time.

Improve patient comfort in emergencies.

There is no telling when a medical emergency will occur. What matters though is that if and when it does happen, you are there— ready to do what you can to help the patient get through it. Also, when you are aptly trained with the necessary skills, it will be easier for you to help make the patient more comfortable while dealing with such a rather stressful situation.

Also, it should be worth noting that not every single medical emergency requires hospitalization. However, when you’re well-versed with some important techniques like making a cast or bandaging, you get to stay collected and calm no matter the situation. As a result, you get to help ease the anxiety and stress levels of the patient while you are helping them.

Prevent situations from turning worse.

There have been many cases when failure to get basic first aid care has led to a person’s condition getting worse. Some patients end up deteriorating due to failure of getting the attention they needed and unfortunately, didn’t make it. Getting trained and securing certification in first aid administration ensure that you can help secure and stabilize patients until such time as medical staff arrives. With proper training, you will be able to help prevent situations from further escalating, saving lives in the process.

Become a valuable part of your community.

Getting certified to provide life support makes you a crucial part at home, in your workplace and in your community. Not a lot of people these days are aware of proper CPR administration and even fewer still have the certification and training to administer it. You will be saving precious lives along the way from the knowledge and training you have acquired. This will make you instrumental towards the survival of the people that you will come across along the way.

Most emergencies happen at home.

Majority of cardiac arrests happen at home, which means that it would benefit you and your loved ones most for you to secure training and certification on basic CPR and first aid. Remember that a victim’s chances of being able to survive a cardiac arrest further decrease for every single minute that CPR isn’t performed. You’ll be giving your loved ones the peace of mind and reassurance knowing that if and when something happens, you’ll be there to readily assist them no matter what.